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Work Packages

CONSOL is divided into 6 work packages applying a variety of different methodologies to cover the subject of road safety among senior road users:

1. Literature review on demographic changes and transport
State-of-the-art combining current knowledge with new findings from relevant fields of basic research, with focus on:

  • men’s shorter life expectancy à overrepresentation of women in the oldest age categories;
  • rapidly increasing share of single-person households.
  • Ethnicity and other socio-economic characteristics
  • Geography and form of living (rural-urban; independent-assisted)

Analysis of the multi-sectoral nature of the question in order to involve the right players and stakeholders to ensure successful implementation of safety policies.

2. Mobility patterns in the ageing population

  • Comparative study using travel survey data from different countries, using a disintegrated approach with focus on different subgroups whenever possible.
  • Data analysis will serve as a basis for a transnational evaluation of behaviour and needs regarding mobility among different age groups and by gender.
  • the focus will lie in determining specific mobility groups according to factors which are considered being triggering factors for significant changes in mobility behaviour

3. Accident patterns in the ageing population

  • General accident trends for different subgroups and different travel modes using comparative data sets to
  • ascertain what databases are available in different EU member countries on different older people subgroups and how these datasets compare regarding the accident involvement of these subgroups
  • compare different transport modes and demographic subgroups, including ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender and location (e.g. urban versus rural). 
  • Cross analysis between mobility (exposure measured through Travel Surveys) and accidents (from national databases) will be carried out and an age-cohort analysis by gender will be produced.
  • With focus on the analyses of single-pedestrian accidents and of non-crash accidents in public transport

4. Players, stakeholders and practices in the area of senior road user safety

  • A broad multi-sectoral mapping of societal actors who have a responsibility with bearing on senior road user mobility and safety issues.
  • Analysing and evaluating the general effects of their practices from a system perspective.

5. Case analyses of practices aimed at managing the safety of older road users

  • Analysis of the different forms of legislation in driver licensing in EU member states.
  • extension of driver licences and testing
  • different practices will be analysed and evidence-based recommendations issued.
  • Best practice in urban infrastructure and accessible transportation infrastructure identified by previous EU projects (e.g.: EUROACCESS, ACCESS2ALL, MEDIATE, ARENA)

6. Dissemination activities

  • Fact sheets and information materials
  • Project web-page as exchange platform for the consortium and as presentation platform of the results for public purposes
  • Seminars with relevant stakeholders and a project website serving, both as exchange platform for the consortium and as presentation platform of the results for public purposes.