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Project results and deliverables

The results of the CONSOL project are presented in view of the project objectives: 

General objective of CONSOL:

  • To promote and ensure safe mobility for all segments of the increasingly heterogeneous ageing European populations

Specific objectives of CONSOL:

  • To advance current understanding of mobility needs and safety issues (with focus on different socio-economic variables)
  • To cover under-studied knowledge gaps within this field (e.g.: single-pedestrian and non-crash public transport accidents)
  • To map and analyse the interplay of the different stakeholders and players whose actions and decisions have a bearing on the creation and success of transport policies from a political perspective
  • Best Practice Analysis of solutions for safety management of senior road users (questions: feasibility, relevant stakeholders, implementation)
  • Dissemination of findings and recommendations (through: website, a reference group consisting of key stakeholders, stakeholder seminars for a wider range of players, etc.)
The deliverables and reports produced in course of the CONSOL project are publicly available for download on the deliverables page.