Amsterdam canal tours take place in the canals of Amsterdam, where you can enjoy tales of the sights of Amsterdam. One of those sights is De Magere brug. It is described as evidently one of the most famous symbols of Amsterdam. It has also been photographed more than once as a bridge. But whence the name? And what makes it so interesting? It received an upgrade in 2018, where it can now be operated from a distance so that boats can pass onder it more easily and quickly.

Amsterdam: an island kingdom connected by bridges

Called a water city, Amsterdam is considered an island kingdom, formed by several islets and connected by several bridges. In the second half of nineteenth century, the city had 82 islands and more than 360 bridges. Currently, the city includes 1,900 bridges. The islands figures are admittedly unclear. The most famous bridge is De Magere brug.

Why De Magere brug?

As it turned out, the bridge experienced “lean” years. When it was built it was not a wide bridge. It turned out to be so narrow only 1 person at a time could get on it. Or if it was 2 people who had to pass, they had to be so skinny to be able to pass each other. In addition, a fairy tale was made that the bridge was built by 2 sisters named Mager (Skinny), who lived on opposite sides of the Amstel River. Officially, the bridge’s name was Kerkstraatbrug. But because of the fairy tale, it was given the call sign De Magere brug, which is still maintained till today.

The bridge with 1200 lights

Over the centuries, several renovation turns were given to the bridge. It was widened and then even mechanized and automated for greater safety and smoothness. The bridge became increasingly famous and was even featured in the James Bond movie, Diamonds are Forever, in which Sean Connery starred. It became the most photographed bridge in Amsterdam. After it was illuminated with more than 1,000 lights, it took on a romantic appearance at night and became an attraction for lovers. Opposite this bridge is also the Royal Theater Carré.